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But I just dont care enough.

Pretty as a car crash,
Subtle as a splinter.
My baby's smooth as sandpaper,
Warm just like the winter.
Screaming "catch me if you can!"
With a cigarette in hand and its love.

Its heavy and it hurts and its love.





Im an ass.


Would have been nice to say...

I dont worry half as much as I did 
When I was an
e x p e r i m e n t .

Your resident
t o u r n i q u e t .
 Lax now about your neck waiting, just WHAT IS IT?
I am a mantel,
and you are a painting. 
Come rest your frame on me
(Come rest your frame on me)
I was a
and you were an

We happened before we knew
what was happening.


[ Lucky ❤ ] says:
 Lol you hate Lex for no reason?
Devon says:
 I don't hate him.
 I just have a mild distaste for him that I can't really explain.
[ Lucky ❤ ] says:
 I cannnn...
 He has red hair.
Devon says:
 That has nothing to do with it.
[ Lucky ❤ ] says:
 Hes also beat the shit out of Joye once or twice. And he has a cat that looks like a gremlin.
 And he works for the police.
 And hes mildly azn.
Devon says:
 ...That first part might be it.


I'm glad my phobia amuses you.

Vin leaned down until his mouth was right up against Joye's neck, "Then I'm sure you wont mind if i finish with you..." He said nonchalantly.Collapse )
Vin: Come on Rissa, I don't think I've ever taken you out before.
That girl just told you that your boyfriend is schizophrenic.Collapse )


Storyboarding in the style of

The VeronicasCollapse )

If you dont get it uh.
Those red glowy eyes there...

They're a sign of the sickness that afflicted her in her youth. And stuff.
First two frames are present day, rest are flashbacks.




That Melissa girl needs to not sound like a babbling self-important cunt who thinks shes always right. Maybe then I wouldn't be so abrasive towards everything she fucking says. Ever. Regardless of my stance on the matter, or the amount of shit I give.

Be Faddish.

Javis says:
 He has a daughter by the time hes 25
 kid's adorable.
Devon says:
Javis says:
 But he spent maybe 4 hours freaking out when he found out
Devon says:
 Oh dear lord.
Javis says:
 Cause "Shes going to like boys at some point"
Devon says:
Javis says:
 To which Fin says flippantly "You can commiserate."
 Followed by "Just point her in my direction when the time comes."
 To which Joye remarks that if theres one thing Fin excelled at in highschool it was remaining a virgin.
 Violence ensues.
Devon says:
 Oh man.
Javis says:
 Those two.
 Such fun adults.
Devon says:
Javis says:
 Would be a very interesting sitcom
Devon says:
 Make it.
Javis says:
 Lmao I dont think theres a market for sitcoms with painful and dramatic backstories.
 Just sayin.
Devon says:
 Then make it a comedic drama.
Javis says:
 Thats what half of the shows on USA network are
 I could swing that
Devon says:
 Be faddish.